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Technicals features

with 25 years of experience in the plant engineering sector for the storage, mixing, dosing and transport of solid raw materials in powder form, offers its customers pre-dimensioned diluted phase pneumatic conveying systems for multiple applications.

The pneumatic conveying system has the following main features

  • Pipe lenght: 60m
  • Pipe vertical lenght: 15m
  • Bend number:: 5

The system provides up to 10 standard systems (TP-M10 ÷ TP-M100) ready for assembly and suitable for the transport of the following types of materials up to a flow rate of 3.5 t / h to cover various cases.

1 For light products, easy portability, both dusty and granular
2 For light products, difficult portability
3 For heavy products, easy portability
4 For heavy products, difficult to transport


Plant components

The plant, in its standard versions, includes the following components:

N.1 Blower with pressure control transmitter

N.5 Adjustable multiangle bend 90° – 45° – 30°

Loading station composed by:

Loading hopper

Blow-through rotary valves

Loading station support


Minimum level indicator transmitter

Maximum level indicator transmitter (predisposition)

Unloading station composed by:

1 Unloading hopper

1 Rotary valves

1 Unloading station support (predisposition)

1 Filter

1 Minimum level indicator transmitter

N.75 Pipe

N.12 Pipe Joint

Piping support system composed by:

Support bar

industrial collar, maximum gap 2m

N.35 Fix System,maximum gap 3m

N.1 Electrical pannel

Example Plant

Pneumatic conveying