Automatic/manual bag emptying station

Bag emptying stations can be manufactured in different types of material at a high finishing degree with or without filter. In the version with integrated filter, cleaning of filtering elements occurs with counterflowing compressed air cleaning.


Use function

The operator places the bag upon the shelf and pushes it ahead on the grid. After this, the bag shall be cut vertically and is lifted from the two sides and shaken. While the bag content is discharged through the collection hopper or through the rotating discharger in any type of conveyor, the integrated dedusting filter with pneumatic cleaning, complete with suctioner, filters the powder generated during opening of the bag. The empty bag is thrown in the side conduit which can be connected to a bag compactor.

Bag emptying stations are manufactured so that internal product residue can be minimised and are suitable for infinite customisations thanks to its modular components, allowing to obtain various solution to satisfy a wide range of applications.

Performance and technical features – Advantages

  • Construction material: Fe, AISI 304L, AISI 316L
  • Available with filter or predisposed for centralised suction
  • Discharge hopper with different capacities
  • Adjustable supporting feet of various heights
  • Also available in Atex version for installation in zone 22
  • Compact and robust construction
  • Reduced height overall dimensions with rotating scraper extractor

Options and accessories

  • Tilting grid with pneumatic operation
  • Automatic bag cutting system with pneumatic operation
  • Pneumatic vibrator for predisposed hoppers
  • Special hopper for the application of a rotating scraper extractor
  • Connection accessories for the installation of a bag compactor type COM

Big-bag cutting systems and big-bag emptying stations