Batch plowshare mixer

Single shaft batch plowshare mixers are composed by a mixing chamber with one or more inlets, an outlet with discharge valve reconstructing mixing chamber internal profile and a vent.

Mixing rotor is composed of a solid shaft with brackets for mixing tools installation and is supported by two end plates installed the both ends of mixing chamber and complete with end bearings with adjustable sealing units, and a drive unit complete with power transmission.

Mixing tools in shape of plowshares rotate with the central shaft inside the cylindrical mixing chamber. The turbulence created in this way avoids the formation of dead end areas, constantly involving all particles within mixing process. Despite rotation at low speed, these machines ensure a high mixing precision.

In some cases, for instance if it is necessary to disperse some liquids, some additional choppers at high rotation speed are installed.

Use function
Batch mixers work according to mechanically generated fluid beds principle.
Their particular shape, position and rotation speed of mixing tools create a whirling centrifugal movement, allowing products to be projected in 3D directions and mix together. This ensures that components with different granulometry and bulk densities are perfectly mixed in a highly precise way within shortest possible time.

Batch mixers are used to mix powders, granules or short fibers together, to condition, agglomerate or granulate or to mix low viscosity liquids or pastes.

Performance and technical features – Advantages

  • Sizes: from 30 to 25000 liters
  • Drive units: from 2,0 kW to 300 kW
  • Mixing capacity: from 2 to 20 batch/h (according to the recipe and machine configuration)
  • End bearings complete with shaft sealing units in various versions with air/Nitrogen purging or grease
  • Discharge door adherent to the mixing chamber
  • Robust mixing chamber in mild steel, antiwear steel or stainless steel AISI 304L, 316L
  • Short mixing times (1 – 4 min)
  • Maximum mixing homogeneity
  • Excellent batch repeatability
  • Minimum wearing – reduced maintenance
  • Easy adjustment and replacement of mixing tools
  • Easy cleaning and access to all internal parts of the machine thanks to the side doors of wide dimensions

Options and accessories

  • Steel for heavy applications, stainless steel, special construction materials
  • Antiwear coatings – antiacids
  • Liquid injection systems
  • Sample taking systems
  • Chamber jackets for heating – cooling
  • Temperature sensors PT 100 for heating/cooling jacket
  • Wide range of mixing tools (unedged, toothed, blade), available also with antiwear coating