Big bags filling and weighing system

Big bags filling systems are composed by a frame and a filling equipment complete with inflatable gasket to prevent powders from flowing out during use. They represent an efficient system to convey the product into the big bags.

The empty big bag is fixed at the hooks for the 4 tensioners placed in the corners of upper frame section. Big bag inlet is connected to system inlet. Filling procedure starts as soon as the gasket around the inlet is inflated. During big bag filling, dust venting suction shall be guaranteed through the predisposed venting with automatic valve placed on inlet double wall.

Options and accessories

  • A fan to inflate the empty big bag just before filling phase
  • A vibrating platform to optimise loading volumes and shipment in containers
  • An idle or driven roller conveyor
  • A weighing platform alongwith its control instrument interfaced with product dosing system
  • Construction materials: painted mild steel, Aisi 304, Aisi 316

Dosing and weighing