Bucket elevators

Stawimpianti S.r.l. bucket elevators are engineered and produced for vertical conveying of bulk products, among which carbonates, lime, limestone, sand, minerals and similar materials.

The product is introduced through a loading hopper installed at the bottom feet, where it is picked up by suitably configured buckets, fixed at a regular distance on an endless belt rotating around the bearings at conveyor top and bottom.

Buckets charge is unloaded through an outlet included in the top section after passing by the top bearing, thanks to the centrifugal force.

The elevators are employed in storage deposits, in sludge and water treatment plants, in ceramics industry, in chemical and petrochemical plants and in the production and transformation of building material.

Our elevators are particularly cured for vertical conveying of fine aggregates and minerals. They are manufactured for low speed running and in high thickness mild steel with epoxy paint coating or hot galvanizing.

The elevators are composed of a top and a bottom section on which rotating bearings for belt rolls are installed, of a series of bars, an inspection and installation barrels, besides main barrels in pressed-folded plates. The particular arrangement with antiabrasive Nylon PA6 buckets facilitates plant long resistance against the abrasion created by conveyed products.

A wide range of accessories and options make the application field of bucket elevators quite broad, making them adaptable to specific requirements of conveyed product in full respect of applicable norms.

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