Circular nutation sieves

These sieves are characterised by a NUTATIONAL movement.

Thanks to technology and mechanics applied for their construction, they find a large employment in all of those product sieving situations where the presence of “vibrating” movements creates difficulties to this operation.

A classical application for nutation sieves is sieving of extremely fine and/or light products (wood flour, micronised powders, mineral powders, plastic fines).

With “nutation”, in comparison to “vibration”, the product is slipping instead of bouncing on the sieving net, increasing the possibilities for the product to flow through and obtaining in this way an excellent separation degree with high hourly sieving rates.

In practice, the movement generated by nutation sieves can be compared to the movement obtained with manual sieving (“gold diggers”).

Nutation sieves are composed of a pyramid base in mild steel, with sieving block upon it, in mild or stainless steel, including from 1 to 4 sieving floors.

In order to satisfy the various needs in terms of required rates, three different diameters are produced: 600, 1500, 1800 mm.

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