Circular three-dimensional vibroscreens

Thanks to the easy adjustment of counterweights on motor axes and the three-dimensional vibration produced by them, our circular vibroscreens allows to sieve, classify and filter a very wide range of products obtaining a good production even with fine products.

Vibration is developing both horizontally and vertically and can be adjusted in both directions. Our vibroscreens are characterised by a simple and quick variation of vibration type and therefore the behaviour of the product to be sieved; moreover by installing a frequency variator, it is possible to change vibration speed. Consequently, its use is very flexible.

Vibroscreems do not need any particular structures for installation, since the vibrating section is not transferring any energy to the basement, which can be also equipped with wheels.

Thanks to the simple construction, they are also very quickly dismounted for cleaining or for net replacement.

For each sieve, it is possible to install from 1 to 4 separation grades, obtaining from 2 to 5 product fractions.

Moreover our Company allows to carry out sieving tests at our internal testing facilities.


Circular vibroscreen


Performance and technical features – Advantages

  • Range from ø400 to ø2.200 mm.
  • From 1 to 4 separation grades for each machine


Options and accessories


  • Construction in stainless steel INOX AISI304 – 316 – mirror polishing also available
  • Version with central direct discharge
  • Cylinders, balls, brushes cleaning system

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