Deflection flowmeter

A deflection flowmeter is an electronic system for metering of flow rate for free-flowing, dry and fine products.

It is composed by a closed body in mild steel or stainless steel, complete with an upper flanged fitting, a lower connection flange and a internal inclined plate or deflector with a load cell installed on the back and, as optional, an hardware module with a dedicated software for real time data display.

Use function

The flowmeter operates through the deflection of the product on the inclined plate connected to the decentered load cell. The unit connected with the load cell continuously reads the feeding rate.
It is indicated for continuous and/or batch metering for free-flowing products with granulometry not over 10 mm. Its use is particularly advantageous when no big room is available and a weighing operation shall be carried out in a very short time.

Performance and technical features – Advantages

  • About 2-3% accuracy for loading of a sufficiently dry and free-flowing product and with a feeding rate oscillation of max 25%
  • Variable rates from 1 to 100 m³/h
  • The device instantly shows hourly feeding rate and total amount of intercepted product
  • Conversion time of 5 meterings per second
  • Weighing from 0 to 9,999 kg
  • Data setting with set point, actual decimal point, digital filter and real time compensation

Options and accessories:
Hardware module (with related software) for feeding rate metering, complete with 110-230Vac power supply and a 20000 points.

Dosing and weighing