Filter for loading silo

Tanker loading operations must be as quick as possible, in order to do not occupy the loading stations for a long time and keep the process efficient. During these operations might happen that unwanted object or impurities get in the tank and, subsequently, been pneumatically conveyed in the storage silo, creating issues for the dosing and transport devices located at its bottom.

Filter for loading silo

This particular filter is a device designed and builted by Stawimpianti in order to ensure that the loading process of the dusty material is executed safely, avoiding the chance to inlet unwanted material inside the silo.

How it works

The inside of the filter, contains an electro-welded mesh with a dimension good to let the material flow; all materials bigger than the mesh will be blocked by it. In this way unwanted materials cannot reach any dosing or transport devices, so to avoid clogging and any other problems.

Filter structure

The silo loading filter is composed by an electro welded mesh and a conical section welded internally which has the aim to intercept the flow and diverting it in order to prevent the impact of any unwanted material that might damage the mesh. The internal mesh has a variable size from 5×5 to 15×15 mm while the inlet and outlet flanges are DN100 PN10.


This filter can be installed on any inlet pipe and it’s fully operating with any tanker pressure from 1 to 3 bar and an air flow rate from 1000 to 1500 m3/h. The dimension of the mesh is chosen according to the customer need in order to allow the maximum filtration capacity without effecting the fluidity of the material flow from the tanker to the silo.

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