Intercepting valves

Within our range of accessories, some specific valves for interception of powders are available:

Butterfly valves with single, double or “wafer” – “lug” type installation

Slide valves with circular, square or rectangular passage, manufactured with steelwork profiles and an end bearing guided blade. Valves internal body is coated with sintherized polyurethan guaranteeing limited wearing and a good sealing.

For more heavy use, we propose slide gates with cast iron body and blade in Aisi 304 stainless steel, in which sealing between body and blade is guaranteed by adjustable packing glands and an additional fix O-ring.

Pinch valves, in which a cylinder in blanketed rubber, internally closed by an aluminium body, is pressed by the action of compressed air, operated by a dedicated electro-pneumatic operation group.

Ball valves, in which a spherical semi-dome opens/closes by rotating up to 90°.

All valves are also available with product contact parts in stainless steel and certified for food grade applications.

All drives are by pneumatic, manual or electro-mechanical actuators

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