Loading bellows

Loading bellows are used for an efficient loading of powder and granules products in tank trucks or open trucks with no powder emission.

These loading bellows are equipped with internal cones in order to convey product flow and with a double external bellow for powder extraction. At lower end of the loading bellow, a polyurethane coated cone guarantees powder tightness for the connection between the loading bellow and the tank truck.

Use function

Loading bellows are suitable for a continuous service reaching a maximum loading rate of 250 m3/h. Discharge can be equipped by an antiwaste system working as a dust-tight plug during lifting phase of the loading bellow by a manual or electrical hoist.

Performance and technical features – Advantages

  • The flexible bellow in Neoprene, Hypalon® coated, guarantees a great resistance to atmospherical agents, abrasion and high temperatures and make it extremely long-lasting.
  • An reversed cone with an integrated level indicator signals when the tank is full, lets the loading bellow lift up and improves product distribution inside the tank truck
  • Two lifting wires, externally mounted with respect to product flow, lower and lift the loading bellow up, avoiding obstruction and wearing

Options and accessories

  • Single or double bellow with internal steel cones (optional)
  • Bellows in Neoprene / Hypalon® (foodgrade as optional) or Kevlar®
  • Control box with remote control
  • Available with capacitive level indicator, paddle indicator or vibrating indicator
  • Discharge vibrator
  • Antiwaste device
  • Metal parts in contact with product in abrasion resistant hard steel
  • Incorporated dedusting filter

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