Microbatchfeeders are composed of a body in synthetical material or in stainless steel with a homogenising stirrer inside and a dosing pipe, complete with a volumetric internal rotating spiral, including the option of a weighing plate on electronically controlled load cells.

Use function

Each time it is necessary to dose powder products, microbatchfeeders offer an exceptional versatility thanks to dosing precision

Performance and technical features – Advantages

  • All product contact parts are manufactured in stainless steel or synthetical material suitable for foodgrade products
  • Body printed in a single polymer piece allows product free flowing
  • Variable speed motor supplied upon request
  • Body in antisticking material
  • Easy to dismount
  • Easy to clean

Options and accessories:

  • Hopper for bag loading
  • Weighing plate on load cells
  • Slide gate for quick outlet closing

Dosing and weighing