Pneumatic conveying in dense phase and with controlled speed

This type of conveying system shows some good advantages to handle products in powders, granules and/or flakes normally used in following sectors:

Chemical – Pharmaceutical
Food stuff
Glass – Ceramics
For abrasive, packing, fragile, inflammable and toxic products.

This conveying system allows to cover long distances and high feedrates with following advantages:

Reduced wearing
Demixing- and pollution-free conveying
Reduced energy consumption and maintenance due to the few installed components

STAWIMPIANTI uses a testing plant for pneumatic conveying at their HQ. The plant (80 mt development) allows to carry out pneumatic conveying with the product supplied by the Customer under industrial conditions. Therefore it is possible to determine the exact characteristics in terms of conveyability, air consumption and the presence of some problems connected to product features.

The advantage is double: the Customer is protected from engineering mistakes due to lacks of product knowledge and air consumption and the amount of injectors to be installed are precisely estimated.

Through their pilot plant, STAWIMPIANTI is able to supply conveying systems calibrated upon Customer’s needs, since thanks to their direct experience, they are able to supply the answers required by engineering. Thanks to conveying tests, STAWIMPIANTI is able to successfully handle even most difficult products.

Developed technology allows to obtain an effective control of product speed.
Dense phase pneumatic conveying can be carried out without speed control, or by controlling speed by air injectors installed on the track and precisely calibrated.

The first scheme shows a traditional system: the whole compressed air is introduced into the propeller.

This produces high pressure in the line, it is not possible to check conveying phase and the air contained into the propeiier expands at the end, transmitting a high speed to the product

Dense phase

The second scheme shows a controlled speed technology system: only necessary air to extract the product and introduce it into the line is introduced into the propeller. Most of compressed air is introduced into the line only at those points on the track where it is necessary.

This allows to check speed at every stage and in this way also product feed rate, as well as to reduce compressed air consumption. The possibility to vary pressure and rate of each single air introduction makes STAWIMPIANTI system extremely flexible, adaptable to most difficult products to convey and safe against jamming tendencies. The systems starts again at full line, allowing conveying at a very reduced speed for most fragile and/or abrasive products.

Pneumatic conveying