Rectangular vibroscreens

Stawimpianti produces internally rectangular vibroscreens which can be used for a check sieving or to separate solids from liquids or dry products with different granulometry.

They are engineered and manufactured according to Customer’s needs and to technical specifications of the plant in which they are going to be installed.

Thanks to the combination of horizontal and vertical movements controlled by the motors, the product is conveyed and separated at the same time by the sieving surface, up to the dedicated outlets.

Performance and technical features – Advantages

Our rectangular sieves can carry out up to five separations, thanks to the possibility of integrating four different screening stages. Motion width is determined by moto-vibrators and it can be adjusted thanks to a counter-weights system, to guarantee best productive performance with minimum energy waste.

A rectangular sieve big advantage comes from its double function, that is the conveying and the sieving one, which allows this machine to be employed in various production processes. Its particular structure obtains a very efficient separation due to the widest sieving surface and, as a consequence, it can support very high sieving rates.

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