Ribbon blenders

Batch ribbon blenders are composed of a rotor shaft with counterposed spirals, installed into a mixing chamber.

They are complete of one or more central inlets or all along mixing chamber length, a central outlet and a vent, two end plates at mixing chamber ends for the installation of end bearings complete with adjustable sealing units and a drive unit with transmission.

Use function

The spiral with bigger diameter is conveying the product from sides to the center, viceversa the spiral with smaller diameter conveys the products towards both ends, creating a sort of convective mixing. The product is mixed therefore in a gentle way during a relatively short mixing time.

Tipically, batch ribbon blenders are used for the production of dry mixtures of powder products and for low viscosity liquids and pastes. They are mostly employed in sectors like: plastics, food stuff, powder coatings.

Performance and technical features – Advantages

  • Sizes: from 75 to 15000 liters
  • Drive units: from 1,1 kW to 45 kW
  • Capacities: from 2 to 8 batch/h (according to recipe and machine configuration)
  • Mixing times: 5 – 15 min
  • Mixing homogeneity
  • Excellent batch repeatability
  • Gentle product treatment

Options and accessories

  • High resistant steel, stainless steel and special materials
  • Heating / cooling jacket
  • Liquid injection system
  • Sample drawer