Screw conveyors

Stawimpianti S.r.l. screw conveyors allow to convey bulk solid products, protected from external agents since they are closed.

They are manufactured with a few components and therefore they have reduced maintenance costs. They are basically composed of:

  • An external fixed pipe and/or auger complete with inlets / outlets and inspection doors
  • A spiral welded on a rotating internal pipe with intermediate bearings where applicable
  • Two end bearings with bearings and long resistance sealing units
  • A drive unit composed by an electric motor and a parallel axes gearbox which transmit motion to the spiral directly or through a belt or chain transmission

They are available in following versions:

  • Tubular screw conveyors, manufactured with a fixed external body with round section
  • Auger screw conveyors, manufactured with a fixed external body with “U” or “V” section, with movable covers for complete inspection and cleaning
  • Vertical screw conveyors, composed by an horizontal feeder coupled into the vertical screw conveyor body, allowing in this way to elevate the product in reduced spaces
  • Screw conveyors with no internal shaft, the product is conveyed thanks to a high thickness shaftless spiral, with end bearing on loading end. The drive unit is installed on discharge end and the spiral is frictioning against the bottom part of the auger coated with antifriction and antiwearing materials. These machines are especially studied for conveying of difficult and packing products like:
    • Municipal Solid Waste
    • Sludge
    • Scraps from meat, fish, fruits and vegetable transformation
  • Multiple conical helix extractors, composed by a double, triple or multiple spirals, guarantee the extraction of products stored into silos, cells and hoppers with many advantages:
    • A wide extraction surface
    • No bridging
    • Constant extraction even of most critical products

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