A rotating separator is the ideal machine to carry out operations like check and refining sieving guaranteeing a granulometric uniformity and absence of impurities in treated product.

Often this operation is required just before packing and this needs to comply to two fundamental parameters, that is:

  • optimised sieving grade
  • high productivity level

Operation of the separator is extremely easy, the product poured into its inlet through a screw conveyor is discharged into the sieving chamber composed of a net basket. Here, through the action of dedicated rotating bars, the product comes into contact with the net, allowing the passage of the “fine” fraction which will be discharged from main outlet, while impurities will be held and flowing on through the net, they will be conveyed to the secondary outlet.

The machine is equipped with connections for compressed air in front and back part to keep the powder away from the bearings.

Stawimpianti manufactures the rotating separator in three models, differentiating by dimension and therefore by hourly production capacity, by satisfying in this way various Customer’s needs. Construction material can be mild steel or stainless steel, this latter upon request can have a surface finishing with mirror polishing. Internal rotating element components dismounting results extremely easy, facilitating cleaning operations.

As an indicative example, we are listing some products which are usually treated by a rotating separator:


Milk powder
Corn starch
Coating in powder
Mineral powders

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