Air Slides

The Air slides is a device for dusty materials transportation that can be considered a halfway between pneumatic and mechanical transportation. This device – straight and with a rectangular section – contains a porous fabric carpet that splits the internal area into two sections: the lower one is the fluidifying air chamber, the upper one is the powder chamber.

How it works

Dusty material falls by gravity into the powder chamber through the loading mouth. A low pressure air flow is introduced into the fluidifying air chamber from the air inlet at the bottom; air filters through the porous fabric and reaches the powder chambers, fluidizing the material and ease its transport along the entire length of the slides. Once the material reaches the end of the transport it falls by gravity through the unloading mouth.


Accordingly to the material to be transported, Stawimpianti will define the inclination of the Air Slide and the texture of the porous fabric, which has to be functional to an appropriate air filtration between the two longitudinal sections. Depending from the dusty material to be transported and customer needs, the Air Slide slope can be between 5 and 20 percent, with a flow rate between 20 and 500 tons per hours.

Cost effective and efficient powder transportation

Material enters in the loading mouth continuatively or, otherwise, dosed by a rotary valve. This powder transportation is particularly suggested for dry or sandy powders, and allows:

  • Low energetic consumption: the blower that brings low pressure air into the fluidizing chamber has an energy consumption between 0.36 and 9.6 kW.
  • Maintenance free: fluidization with low pressure air eliminates frictions between components and reduce the need for maintenance.
  • High flow rates: fluidization allows to manage much more consistent flow rates
  • Long distance coverage: this transportation system allows to reach higher distances with a unique device

Mechanical transport