Twin shaft shredder

A twin shaft shredder is composed of a square section body with an upper and lower flange, 2 parallel horizontal shafts equipped with blades or hammers, a collection grid for coarse particles, 4 end plates including an adjustable sealing unit and a suitable drive unit with transmission.

Use function

A blade shredder is the ideal solution for breaking up products tending to create lumps.

This device allows to break up friable lumps creating during production or conveying processes of powder or granular products.

The quick rotation of special blades through a fixed grid determines the lump to be shred. Two rotors with different speeds allow to obtain high shredding rates. The hammer shredder is suitable for milling less friable products (bricks, fibre cement, gypsum).

This device allows shredding of the product thanks to the opposite rotation of crossing hammers through a chamber with anti-jamming conical holes.

Performance and technical features – Advantages

  • 25 ~ 50 m3/h
  • Construction material: Mild steel, stainless steel AISI 304/316L
  • Available in three different sizes
  • It contains two rotor equipped with lump-breaking tools and a grid in order to minimise flow-through room.
  • Fixed or variable speed drives, chain or geared transmission.

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