Venturi Ejectors

Ejectors are very simple devices which, based on a physics principle, are able to suction, mix, convey, compress or separate various types of fluids or powders by means of another fluid called driver.

Its principle is of easy intuition: a driver fluid in pressure is accelerated through a choke and, due to the “Venturi effect”, creates such a depression that a second fluid is suctioned, and mixing of these two occurs.

Ejectors produced by Stawimpianti S.r.l. are of robust construction and are manufactured in order to meet Customers needs and are engineered also separately to optimise performances.

Each ejector is calculated and produced by using the material which is best suitable for every specific job.

Typical parameters like pressure, counterpressure, feeding rates, aggressive behaviour of circulating fluids, temperature, bulk density, granulometry, are therefore to be defined in advance.

Pneumatic conveying