Advanced technological systems for over 20 years

Stawimpianti S.r.l. is a dynamic Company, able to respond to various plant requirements in the sector of bulk powders and/or granules handling, mixing and dosing.

The HQ in San Giuliano Milanese is composed of technical, sales and accounting departments and of a workshop for the production of special machines and a warehouse for finished products and spare parts.

The Company includes an internal software engineering department, and thanks to this, it can propose as a one-stop supplier for turnkey installations.

The Turnkey Solution for Every Requirement

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adipic acid- aluminium hydroxide- silicates- fungicides- ceramic clay- expanded clay- micronised clay- fine boric acid- starch- titanium dioxide- bentonite- sodium bicarbonate- calcium carbonate- coal- kaolin- ashes- hydrated lime - - cement- - iron in granules- flours- -milled gypsum iron oxide- - lead oxide quartz in powder-silica sand- talc - - tripolyphosphate -- PVC - - emulsified PVC- sulfur - iron sulfide- grinded glass - - sugar

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